The Birthday Challenge

Today is March 16, 2014 – otherwise known as my birthday. Yup. Twenty-three whole years of walking, talking, and being me – whatever that entails. It’s a day typically filled with celebration, some degree of partying (this changes with age), and a non-stop flow of friends and strangers wishing you the best on your special day.

The fun thing about birthdays is that they mean something totally different depending on who you talk to. Some grow up celebrating quick and easy birth-days, others birth-weeks, and then there is the occasional birth-month individual who feels entitled to even the last pot of coffee because their birthday is less than a month away.

For me, a birthday means there is officially 365 less days to make a difference. 365 days less to build relationships. 365 less days to spend with those whom I love. It also means there is one more day to appreciate all of the blessings God has gifted me.

So here’s the challenge.

In an attempt to reflect on the grace and mercy I’ve been given over the years, I wanted to bring a smile and some joy to some random people on this day. So, for every year of life under my belt I wanted to spend $1 on an unsuspecting individual.

So on this day my goal was to spend $23.

That’s $23 worth of appreciation for my health, my friends, my professional opportunities, my faults, my failures….. my life.

I know this wont work for everybody on every year, but I challenge you to try it on YOUR birthday. Because the reward, I promise, is worth far more than the $23 dollars.

If I could have a beer with Jesus, I like to think he would agree.



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