5 Reasons To Stop Reading Listicles

What a clever paradox!

But seriously I’m done. After hopelessly combing through the interwebs for the better part of the last 6 months, I’m done reading articles that claim to know what life is all about. Now, so everyone is on the same page as to what a listicle is, these are those articles with titles such as “17.5 Reasons Why Coffee Is Good For You” or “10 Steps To A Better Relationship”.

Ill admit, when I first started seeing this flood of liturgical rankings hit the internet I thought it was fun. And the truth about most of these articles posted by sources such as Buzzfeed and…. well just Buzfeed…. is they are easy to relate to!

Who doesn’t want an easy, step-by-step instruction manual to help solve a (personal) problem?

We live for order. And, to a degree, I think a lot of people also live to be told what to do and how to do it. For a society that strives for individuality and independence, we’ve become more prone to searching for answers in others and posting our problems to the internet rather than seeking a solution ourselves.

Hear me out.

I love social media. Don’t get me wrong it plays a pivotal role in our society today. Businesses use social media as a means to interact with consumers, educational institutions use it to connect students with faculty members, and even old friends and family members use social media to reconnect after years of being separated. These are all great things!

But what gets frustrating is when I see the social atmosphere turn into a place where people fight tooth and nail for individualism and independence on one page, only to immediately stereotype and create cookie-cutter templates of others by way of a list of traits on another. When we look to these listicles to solve our problems for us and define who we are we miss out on an element of life that makes us unique; an element that makes this life worth living.

Be you. Do not fear trial. Persevere. – See James 1:2-4 for reference.

Also, there is no listicle. Sorry to disappoint.




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