The “S” Word

winter wonderland


The Christmas season simply wouldn’t be the same without it. The sad truth about snow is that as much as we hate it – driving in it, shoveling it, getting it down those unmentionable places – we hate it in the most necessary way possible. We dislike snow the in same way we gripe and moan about going to the gym each week.

Here in Grand Rapids, we have recorded 13 of the last 18 days of significant snowfall! I think I speak for everyone in the metro area when I say it would be super if mother nature could just chill for a day or two!

All of this said, one observation has been made clear to me throughout this unseasonably wintery stretch. The spirit of Christmas is noticeably stronger and more effective when the ground is littered with powdery, white Christmas snow!

It all makes perfect sense. Humans are visual beings, and the more visual support we have for something the easier it is to shift our attitude towards seasonal emotions. Its hard to sing songs like “Walking in a Winter Wonderland” or “Jingle Bells” when its 75 degrees and sunny outside!

In Michigan, we have the great opportunity to experience a season called “Fall”. For those who know what I’m talking about, how inclined are you to go apple picking if it’s 102 degrees outside and it hurts to sit on the leather seats of your car after 10 minutes in the sun? My guess is not very.

Christmas spirit has a snowball effect – pun intended.

One of the beautiful things about living in Grand Rapids is the abundance of seasonal activities to take part in – public ice skating, ski hills, carriage rides, etc. The common denominator to all of these family friendly activities being SNOW! Another holiday necessity that seems to blossom with the presence of snow are all of the holiday decorations. Christmas lights, and lots of them!

Lets conclude.

I understand that with snow comes a long list of headaches; long lines on the road, time spent scraping cars, even the occasional snowball to the face. But, at the end of the day, take some time to realize the beauty that comes with it as well!

Most importantly…

Have a Merry Christmas



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