5 Ways To Connect With Pure Michigan

It doesn’t take an Ad expert to recognize the brilliance of the Pure Michigan ad campaign and its recent partnership with Experience Grand Rapids. In a state that was among the most impacted by the housing market crash of the late 2000’s, and even more so by the ensuing economic decline, Michigan’s efforts to climb the ladder back to the glory days of fiscal prosperity can be largely attributed to this state-wide campaign. The Pure Michigan campaign does a tremendous job at recognizing the natural beauty of the state of Michigan, and utilizing social media as a way to promote and encourage others to share that beauty.

In light of the release of Pure Michigan’s first national TV ad, here are 5 ways you can discover what it means to be Pure Michigan:

 1) Facebook

With over 500,000 likes on the Pure Michigan Facebook page it serves as the primary channel of promotional content (besides their website of course).  Users are also able to post their #PureMichigan photos from Instagram directly to the page to share with others (we’ll touch base with Instagram later). With downloadable pictures, hunting and fishing resources, and endless fan engagement techniques, the Pure Michigan Facebook page looks and feels like home. Take your shoes off and stay awhile at http://www.Facebook.com/puremichigan.

2) Twitter

As Pure Michigan uses Facebook to provide its audience with promotional and educational content about various happenings around the state, they also use a Twitter account to deliver and endless stream of photographs that truly capture what it means to be Pure Michigan. By re-tweeting submissions from Twitter followers in addition to their own original content, Pure Michigan continues to utilize their most value asset, Michigan residents. You can view these photos, as well as submit your own, by following @PureMichigan on Twitter.

3) Instagram

Instagram uses photographs uploaded from users smartphones to display picture and picture of breathtaking scenery. As I discussed earlier, the Pure Michigan campaign takes user photos (with permission of course) and uses them to display the natural beauty of various different geographical landscapes. From the dunes of Silver Lake, to the wilderness of Northern Michigan, and the modern development of downtown Grand Rapids, users from across the state of Michigan do everything they can to showcase some of the breathtaking images we see on a daily basis.

4) YouTube

YouTube was the chosen platform for the release of Pure Michigan’s latest achievement; a full 30-second ad in the national spotlight highlighting Michigan’s second largest city (and my place of residence) Grand Rapids. Using the iconic Pure Michigan jingle, accompanied by the voice of Michigan native Tim Allen, this 30-second bit illustrates the artistic culture of Grand Rapids. Art Prize, the award-winning Grand Rapids Symphony, the picturesque nature trails, and the beautiful downtown scenery are all on display.

5) Pinterest

The final and probably least evident method of social media engagement by Pure Michigan is the ability for users to “pin” pictures and stories to their boards on Pinterest.


Be sure to visit michigan.org for more details as well as information for your next trip to Pure Michigan.


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