Life Off My Years

Memorial Day-  the extended, 3-day holiday weekend that symbolizes all of the sacrifices our men and women have made over the years to ensure people like myself can wake up and do whatever it is I please. A lot of people use this time to spend countless hours outside in the sun with family or at the lake doing essentially anything except working (my apologies to those of you whom actually had something important to do).

I, however, spent an unhealthy amount of time reading and thinking about life. One song came on up on my iTunes during this stretch of complacency titled Life Off My Years by Lee Brice (If you haven’t heard this song I encourage you to visit YouTube and let your mind run wild). I know I’ve heard this song countless times playing over the speakers of my laptop computer, but for whatever reason this one time I couldn’t help but listen to, and analyze, every word gracefully spoken by Mr. Brice. Throughout the song he contrasts the actions of two very different personalities; the actions of someone who takes life safe and easy, and the actions of someone who lives out their actions to the fullest. The punchline: “I’d take years off of my life, before I take the life out of my years.”

I couldn’t help but reflect by asking myself the question, “Which one am I?” To add to my already philosophical state of mind, all 4 minutes and 30 seconds of this song lead to one final question. What’s the use of life if you don’t live it?

At this point, you would probably expect me to provide some thoughtful insight into what it means to “live out your life” or provide some ways to give validate some of the yesterday’s actions, but I’m not. I can tell you that personally my trust in the Lord drives all that I do, and that family and friends mean the world to me. I long for the day that I will have a family to provide for and to one day travel the globe- but again, that’s just me.

Who really knows why all of these thoughts came rushing into my head on a clear and sunny Memorial Day. But I do, however, feel it would be a waste to not at least pause for a moment and think about all of the blessings, all of the pain, all of the opportunities, and all of the disappointments that have brought me to the very chair I sit in. Most importantly, let us remember those who have fallen, those currently fighting, and those who will one day fill our shoes.



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