Social Media Strikes Again

Social Media Strikes Again

Each day, it seems, the corporate world finds new and innovative ways to utilize social media. This time, social media is being used to provide investors with direct insight into a company’s financial playbook; another reason why the generation of today needs to take advantage of their innate Facebook / Twitter abilities.

Like most people my age, I created a Facebook account in the fall of 2006 and never looked back. Unlike some of my peers, I really have enjoyed seeing Facebook evolve into what it is today (despite frequent changes to its formatting, the various content changes, and its evolution into something far more than “social networking”).

Twitter, on the other hand, was something I was forced into by my college PR prof. I was reluctant to join what I like to call the “Twittersphere”, and I hated the idea of something that required me to generate content 24/8! However, the more I became involved the more potential I saw in Twitter for becoming the ultimate social site for engaging and interacting with different brands on a professional level. From a PR/Ad perspective, I believe there are few tools more effective in generating brand engagement than there is with Twitter.

As the above article illustrates, more and more organizations are beginning to use these social media sites as a way to do business. While the days of mindless “I’m tired. #sleepy” tweets will inevitably continue, I think my generation of young professionals needs to certainly take advantage of the technology we’ve grown up with to prepare for that fateful day when we begin to fill the shoes of those who’ve come before us.

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One Reply to “Social Media Strikes Again”

  1. I find your post interesting for my famous aversion to FB and the dizziness I suffer just thinking about tweeting — although I think I’ll find myself tweeting eventually, given my affinity for words. I don’t mean to take up a lot of your time, and I know you’re not a dad yet, but social media and its impact on developing minds (you’ve spoken of the younger generation, and I was thinking of the youngest) have taken me to some deep places. Sending you just a few links out of the 5-part series bc bloggers have asked where the rest is, after reading a segment. And after all, blogging is by nature this type of exchange. Thanks for your time, and keep cranking out the great ideas.

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